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Kerala girls come from the south western part of India.They have a historical connection with the gulf states that actually started in the 1930s, it of course was all work or economically based as despite the proximity of being part of the Asian continent, Indian and Arab culture are different.My point is education opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to marriage.However, it should never be a determinate criterion for love. Malayalam is the language of Kerala, as well as Hindi and English of course.

What happened was the Kerala women and men worked in places like UAE and sent money back home, this facilitated the development of Kerala land and perpetuated a cycle of workers going to the gulf states.I think this is a common theme in love and marriage, not just with Kerala girls in Dubai, that is people marry people from all over the world from different backgrounds.For example I am an American from rich fancy Boston and I met my wife, who was from a poor village in Poland, however, she was studying at a top University in Europe.Kerala girls attractive earnings enabled them to marry and go from the professional class to a rich, respected Indian family.Remember class is important in India, although this is going away, it is still a society that has class divisions ingrained in their collective unconsciousness.

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