Mandating physical education

This entry-level course for occupational and physical therapists and assistants as well as speech pathologists focuses on assistive technologies used to aid or replace skills as a result of cognitive deficits that impede performance in functional activities.The expected skills and limitations presented in this course are general and every individual is unique.

Mobility is fundamental to each individual's quality of life and is necessary for functioning in each of the performance areas: self-care, work or school, and play or leisure.

This course describes the pathophysiology, risk factors, symptoms and psychological aspects of the various types of respiratory disease.

Included are design guidelines for developing a therapeutic exercise program for clients with respiratory disease, as well as the special considerations required when working with this clientele. According to Gately & Borcherding, “As the profession continues the move toward evidence-based practice, well-documented occupational therapy services are more likely to be recognized and reimbursed as a cost-effective treatment in improving health and quality of life” (cited in Clark & Bloom, 2006).

Limitations to functional mobility can be either augmented or replaced with assistive technologies such as a cane, walker, or a wheel mobility system.

In addition to the functional gain of increased indepen- dence in mobility, other goals such as positive self-image, social interaction, and health maintenance are achieved.

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