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I was just curious as to how many want to get married again or think they will marry again.

And if you do would you be willing to pull up roots and relocate and start over again,or are most just looking for someone close to spend time with and do things together? At this point, I am trying to poke my head out of this self-imposed shell I have been hiding in.

Another man I know got married at 77 to a 60 year old woman he has known for 27 years. I wouldn't say that I want or need to get married again, however, I'm not opposed to it.My heart took one hell of a beating the last go-round.I am hoping to meet someone that is very patient and has a great sense of humor.Our sex life didn’t really change after we got married as we were already living together. Being that close to someone who knows your body SO intimately is seriously sexy.We've both said that the bond of marriage feels exciting and like a whole new chapter for us both.

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