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When I explain this to wives they are almost always very receptive and understanding about this: control) you should be the one finding the therapist and meetings.If she is doing this, lovingly tell her that you want to be the one to do these things because it shouldn’t be her responsibility and isn’t fair to her. If she won’t have this conversation with you, make sure she knows you are there when she is ready to talk, and remind her of this often.Is there anything else you want to know about my recovery?I really don’t want you to feel like I am purposely keeping anything from you. Here are some things that are okay and even important to keep private. Are you incapable of being present in your marriage while doing recovery?It may feel like she is trying to take charge of your recovery.You can see how when some women are given a taste they run with it. Once you start it and start submitting you’ll find it’s about impossible for you to stop it or slow it or climb out of it. She’ll only stay with you if there’s a side of her that likes to dominate a man, and yeah if you’re very compatible and a good husband otherwise, and well yeah a good money provider or good compared to her alternatives there, because the side that likes to feel feminine and submissive to one will be satisfied entirely by a bull for some time, a few regulars, a regular and his directed cock carousel, and similar variations depending on her, how submissive she is, and how dominant and into her her #1 bull becomes. As well though you might get more penetrative sex from your wife to start, as she feels sexually supercharged by experiencing other men, and grateful to you for allowing this, if you go the male submissive cuckolding route where it’s entirely about her pleasure and your doing for her, your goddess, it’s very, very likely to progress to her denying you any penetrative sex with her for longer periods, then denying your release from masturbation for longer periods, all to make you more nuts and more under her absolute control, willing to do anything, any chores or any humiliating thing serving her or serving her bull, that she wants.The response to this question comes from a occasional Bull who warns against a full blown cuckold relationship as he thinks that once immersed in this area of the lifestyle it is almost impossible to change without losing the wife or ending the marriage or relationship. But she will probably want you to more and more orally service her, no release for you, all as part of the her control, your submission thing, and her pleasure is all that matters to both of you as between you two.

I find these are much more successful when done in the context of a couple’s three day intensive.

Cuckoldry is not just about voyeurism, vicarious thrills through your wife’s experiences which she tells you about, and reawaking her sexual lustful side.

That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but it most certainly can be, and yes you could very well loose her. Look, I’m unlike the great majority of the guys who might talk to you here. Well as a bull, when the wife is hot enough and young enough, then yeah ok. I come here sometimes for two reasons: 1) for porn stories, identifying in my case with the bull; and 2) for the stuff about male female sexual dynamics, that this take it to the max extreme sexual life style reveals.

So if you have doubts about this getting out of control as you surely seem to, I highly advise you to consider what I’ve said.

If you don’t feel strongly sexually submissive to women/your wife, but you do want to jazz up you sex life and her feelings of sexual lust so that you too can fuck her more and she’ll want to with you, then I STRONGLY suggest you approach this as a hotwife, husband in control or equal control couple, with anytime husband veto.

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