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(Gv H 341)Bennett, Gordon (James Gordon Bennett, Jr., 1841-1918), was the son of New York publisher James Gordon Bennett and Henrietta Agnes Crean from Ireland. In 1914, in Paris, he married the former Maud Potter of Philadelphia, widow of Baron George de Reuter. Woods (Robert Woods Bliss, 1875-1962), the son of William H. Petersburg in 1904, an aide at the embassy in Paris in 1905-6 (both posts under Ambassador R. Mc Cormick), and secretary to the American legation in Brussels in 1908, the year he married Mildred Barnes.Among his known peculiarities was his love of owls. Later postings included The Hague, Stockholm, and Buenos Aires.Her first-born son was Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965).After the death of her husband, she married George Cornwallis-West in 1900. She then reverted to her title, Lady Spencer Churchill, which she retained after her 1918 marriage to Montagu Porch.He was wounded in World War I, was chairman of Second Viscount Waldorf Astor (1879-1952) was the eldest son of First Viscount William Waldorf Astor (1848-1919) and his Philadelphia-born wife Mary Dahlgren Paul (1853-94).Astor was born in New York, but by 1890 his family had settled in England.

The couple entertained Edward VII and his mistress Mrs.

Many important men were enamored of her, including Edward VII. In 1895, she married the grandson of the founder of the Cunard steamship line, Sir Bache Cunard (1851-1925), a prominent member of the English hunting and polo set. (1832-1903), was one of the founders of the American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, both in New York City. (1864-1934) was the son of Anthony Joseph Drexel (1826-93) and Ellen Rozet (1832-91) of Philadelphia, and grandson of Francis Martin Drexel (1782-1863), the Austrian-born portrait painter and banker who founded the firm of Drexel & Company.

(Gv H 342)“Colonel” Charles Templeton Crocker (1884-1948) was the son of Charles Frederick Crocker of San Francisco and Jennie Easton. Lady Cunard called herself Emerald, mingled with royalty, and as a popular hostess noted for her wit and exuberance participated in London’s literary and artistic scene. 1924) was the son of William Earl Dodge III (1858-86) and Emeline Harriman (d. Dodge, who married Jessie Sloan, was a scion of the Phelps-Dodge family of New York, whose worldwide metal and copper mining interest created vast fortunes. In 1886 he married Margarita Armstrong, who divorced him in 1917.

In a 1914 settlement she received over million of the family fortune, made from her father’s patent medicine. After the Civil War he managed his father’s newspaper, the .

Bliss was a noted horticulturist, collector, patron of the arts and generous philanthropist. He was involved in both the world of sports and European society. A career diplomat, he was secretary to the embassy in St.

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