Mastery with women and dating rapidshare

Everyone says “just get out there”, but it’s not that simple.

Get out there with a purpose, and with clear, specific and sometimes surprising goals.

With a woman who is a friend, or a friend-of-a-friend, you have time…so no more nerve-wracking high pressure situations to get her home from the nightclub. You can go the “cold approach” way or use Social Circle Mastery.

In fact, as Braddock shows in the third DVD of the Social Circle Mastery set, a woman in your social circle who is receptive to you will give you unmistakable signals — if only you know what to look for. Braddock explains the pluses and minuses of both, and how to choose in a specific situation. Braddock shows you how to take an itinerary of your current social networks and how to identify exactly what parts/people/roles may be “missing” – so you know exactly who you need to meet.

It’s also a much faster track to relationships with women who genuinely share your interests and who you care about.

Still others want the master plan for college, a new city, a new job, their post-breakup life, or any other big change.

Braddock shows you how to either bring them along as you rise to the top, or how to maintain a friendship even if they don’t fit in your new lifestyle. People act differently in groups than they do alone.

Knowing how and why this is, and how to use group dynamics to your advantage – naturally and with confidence.

Less natural greet time your child with his appearance at the 2006.

Fair warning: you may never be able to get rid of her after this!

3 proven techniques you can choose from to neutralize guys who try to put you down or get in the way of your goals. Your old friends can be jealous of your news success.

The one question Social Circle Mastery DOESN’T Answer…

There’s one key question that Social Circle Mastery doesn’t answer. “What kind of life do I want to build with these skills? It can’t tell you where you’re going, but it sure can tell you how to get there.

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No more fake stories about fake ex-girlfriends; have real women (even ones you’re not sleeping with) give you REAL social proof next time you’re out.

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