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Well, I suppose old Johnny Kitagawa could have a meltdown over it or something, but it’s a weird reaction since most fans either accept or endorse the relationship already.And the ones who don’t have probably already lost their minds, so whatever. I also love your role as an idol, you may not be the best singer in Arashi, but you have wonderful dancing skills and idk how to describe it, but you are very kirakira(? Im a solid Kpop fangirl but I dont why and how I ended up watching Jdramas lately? I believe that you'll deliver an even better and better work next Hello im kerry from the united kingdom ive watched all hana yari dango and i love arashis music i dont know if you read english but i really hope you can your a really good actor i loved domyouji and your an amazing singer. I'm not sure if you will read my comment but I really wish you will do. Bye bye I'm a huge fan of meteor garden that's why when boys over flower(Korean version) aired here in the Philippines I never watch it I'm very loyal to meteor garden and I fall in love with daoming shi that's 2003? I don't remember really but out of boredom I sed I want to watch the Japanese version this June 2017? I've been into jdramas lately and he's the first j-actor whom I really liked. He doesn't even need extras to do stunts for him lol I wish to see him in an action movie, though I'm not a fan of action movies. frankly , he is not a genius actor with a miraculous acting skills yet he can create a nonesuch character like no one could I've come to realize I enjoyed most of his work with my family each of his drama have a different taste and color 99.9 was the main drama for me in 2016.. cant even wait for Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku!!! He's definately one of the best actors in Japan..not the best. more than that he have a beautiful eyes that makes my heart beat ohmy god ilove him . I really want him and Yankumi (Yukie) to hit it off like that in the manga but sadly, he never had any appearance in any Gokusen series after that, not even in the movie. i dunno how but since im 14 years old i like matsumoto jun. hope he have a real account like fb twitter or cy world Honestly I'm so tired of this... It will take a week explaining why should I love this.

Hopefully you'll come someday to Canada or to the USA (sure it'll be a drive but whatever). Your smile is the most amazing smile that's both sweet and adorable.Stop me if this sounds familiar, but ‘Hana Yori Dango‘ couple Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao marriage rumors are swirling once again, this time putting their marriage date in late-2015 after they were supposed to get married in late-2014 after they were supposed to announce their engagement in late-2014.Bye for now x Hi, I am from London and have recently finished watching all the Hana Yori Dango series. I'm from philippines and I should say I am not really good in English but pls try to understand this letter. I think you are one of the best actors I have ever known. I was only 7 turning 8 when I first watch Hana Yori Dango but despite of being a kid I still feel back then how love can be wonderful just by watching you and Ms Inoue act as couple. How my life change the moment I watched your drama series.

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