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Teen chat is above all the most wikkid chat rooms out there.You meet really chill people and you can pretty much talk about anything you want. So then it's your final guess and one of my favorite characters! Nobody will even get close to kill me.' shot back the blond tiredly before closing the mental link. Though I may just follow Evolution with some changes, just to save some time. Gambits a very close guess but nope, I felt it would be too predictable. Yup, I'm going to go with a Sasuke and Rogue pairing. ' Was the thought of Naruto as he got ready for training."Simple brat, I will not stand for a weak jinchuurki." answered the demon from within'Damn it! I've searched everywhere nearby and isn't anywhere near here. ' answered the blond; the last thing he needed was having the damn fiend alive.'Never the less brat; there are still others who would love to harm us.' responded the fox sagely'Yeah, yeah whatever fox. I've gone fighting without anything to eat and trust me it's not fun." answered the blond while stretching"Yeah, well boohoo for you bub, that's then and this is now." answered Logan with a chuckle."Whatever, how are we going to do this?

And it could have been my bad if people didn't guess from the Naruto show. But it's true I know my beginning, my ending and some events that I want to happen. Disclaimer: Don't own Naruto or X-men Evolution Beep Beep Be… So far it was probably the easiest plan he had ever come up with; distract Xavier with bushin and then sneak out with her."Got to admit; I have gotten lazy, before I could get up at 6 and not even be tired." sigh 'I hate it when Kyuubi is right.' thought the blond as he munched on the apple he gotten before boarding the elevator. If not then sorry, guess I looked at the wrong profile! Saberdragon Entertainment: Well thanks first of all for leaving a great comment and feedback. Then there was the task of designing a training schedule for the kiddies, let's just say that he hopes they enjoyed the wonderful time of… Then there was the issue of finding time to take her out on the date, but alas the godsend of all shinobi, Kagebushin."I walked that fine line that only a few ever could. But who knows what could happen with distractions coming from nowhere. I think I may focus on just this over the next three weeks and try to get it done this summer. Maybe a chapter every two days or one if it's short. Okay next is time for Responses including the winner to my little challenge on guessing Rogues future boy! #1 (and in my opinion the best choice) go get laid. But having a healthy and SAFE relationship is better if you want to whack off to something. Hell I think this is the first chapter I started in the day and it's like 2 in the morning by the time I'm finishing. The others wouldn't be as fortunate."Let's go with that chakra, blondy. Finally got a chance to drink without having to worry about my college prep classes! Alright you guys it took me a day to finish this right up. One that I can finish rewriting a 10,000 word chapter in a day. If you do want to unleash your 'inner perv' I'll give you two options. Hell I encourage it since it lets me know there's someone that's reading. For the simple fact that if something went wrong, and let's say he blew up an arm or something he could regenerate it.

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I think I'm going to keep them siblings and I know there not blood siblings but still. God why the hell did Logan want to be up at 6 in the morning.

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  1. Her weight may not even be (and, in most cases of the trope probably won't be) the basis of her beauty or attractiveness; attention may instead be drawn to her beautiful eyes, feminine features or, more blatantly, her breasts or posteriorbut regardless, she is a knock-out.