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From the early 9th century, the territory of the country which is today known as The Netherlands was part of Frisia, which covered the whole coastal area from southern Denmark in the east to Flanders in the west."Frisia" should be distinguished from "Friesland", which is the current name of the northern province of The Netherlands.

Although the West Frankish kingdom disputed East Frankish superiority in the whole of Lotharingia, its incursions and temporary acquisitions never reached as far north as The Netherlands. His study is extensive but may not be exhaustive: for example, Vanderkindere in his work on the Lotharingian territories names some additional pagi in Frisia, omits some of Van den Bergh's, and amalgamates others.Early descriptions of pagi and counties in this area include Altfrid's Vita S.Liudgeri, which records that "in gente Fresonum ab orientali parte fluminis Labeki" there were five pagi "Hugmerchi, Hunusga, Fivilga, Emisga, Federitga" and one island "Bant".What is probably the earliest extant list of Frisian pagi is contained in the Traditiones Fuldenses which record donations to the monastery, probably dated to the 8th and 9th centuries, of property in Frisia in pago Wirense [also Wironi]in pago Nvirain pago Mecinga [Meringa]in pago Wisahain pago Tochingenin pago Federetgewein pago Ostrahe [Ostrache]in pago Lieronin pago Emergewe [Emisgowe]in pago Westrahe [Westeriche]in pago Kilingoin pago Tokingenin pago Hunergewein pago Wertingewein pago Lacharenorumin pago Tyesle [Tyelle]in pago Federgewein pago Waldahiin pago Lieren divides his list of Dutch pagi into three categories: Frisian, Saxon and Frankish.The limited number of surviving primary sources suggests that these influences were not exclusive in the three areas he describes, but the categorisation represents as good a way as any.

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