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The hard part has been finding a way to talk to her. She had her hair up as usual wearing a grey skirt and white tank top covered by a red blouse.

I hooked one finger into the top of the towel and undid it. I took in her round firm breasts with tiny nipples on the end already getting hard. Her pussy was dripping so knew it was time to give her my swollen member.

It was not far, about a twenty minute drive, but it would only take me ten to drive back to my house from there.

I stopped at a stop light and went to turn on the radio when she finally spoke.

I was drinking my coffee when I heard this sweet kitten like voice beside me. I was trying to come up with an opening line when I heard her snap me out of my thoughts. “Sorry Lucy I was just thinking” “Oh bout what exactly? “Wondering what colour your panties are and what it would be like to fuck your brains out “ “Ah I see, well that’s a little uhm” “I think you are the sexiest thing I have ever seen and I want to have sex with you” She looked really uncomfortable so I tried to make her feel easier.

“Look” I slide closer and began running my finger along her arm.

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