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But they care about research and what they’re working on.

They’re actually taking a huge pay cut to work in this lab where not everything working, some of the gear is outdated.” Pitt even identified with them, in a sense.

The first thing Brit Marling does, upon entering the suite at New York's Crosby Street Hotel where our interview is to take place, is to walk right over to the large promotional cut-out for her movie Another Earth – on which she is depicted staring dreamily at the camera in front of a large milky planet – and turn it back to front."We can't have a serious conversation with this looming over us," she says.

"Remind me to turn it back when they come to get me."Take it as a sign of her newness to the Hollywood hall of mirrors.

She shouldn’t say, ‘Don’t go.’ It should be the other way around.”They would spend lots of time discussing and arguing about scenes, shooting it multiple ways.

“That was the fun part of doing this together.”“Those people became my heroes,” Pitt says.New York times reported that Marling searched for them and pleaded to work with them on their next movie.Since then, Marling, Cahill, and Batmanhlij became inseparable.“The type of research they were doing was for humanity.They could make serious money working for some pharmaceutical company.

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