Motorola 6412 iii firmware updating

While I don't remember the exact steps I did, some combination of these in some order did fix the problem: (I tried several orderings) 1) Power off the Motorola and unplug it 2) Disconnect the DVI cable 3) Power on the Motorola 4) Connect the DVI cable 5) Power on the TV At some combination (I seem to think it was to unplug everything, power on the TV and Motorola, and then plug in the DVI cable), it all just decided to work.

Going to the DVI status screen showed that HDCP was enabled and the EDID was coming in.

Not everyone on the site agrees with every word, as some of the information is subjective.

Please contact me if something seis wrong or you think of something I missed.

id=8General Information: Q: What is the Motorola DCT-6412?We turned on our HDCP maybe 2 months after we started issuing our HD and DVR boxes (I work for the company as well).Maybe it's Comcasts software setup at the headend, for we both basically have the same guides, etc.However, before the cable tech left, it was no longer working. Also, does anyone know how to get the 1394 to work with the TV?It would show a picture for about 5 seconds, then blank. Checking the status as shown above, I see under DVI Port: Device Connected: YES Repeater: NO Video xmission: ACTIVE HDCP enabled: NO Video constrained: NO Ouptut Format: 1920x1080I Aspect ratio: 16:9 EDID Data: No data available I'm assuming that something they did while programming the unit turned off HDCP. Thanks, Doug Hello all, Well, I answered my own question.

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Hello all, I just received the Motorola DCT6412 from RCN cable.

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