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For example, to show how to create a Full Name field, start by creating three Text fields in the Book table that is named First Name, Middle Initial, and Last Name.Save the table, and then create a new calculated column named Full Name, and create the following expression in the Expression Builder.You can always, as in Access 2003 or Access 2007, include calculations in queries, also.Doing so requires you to base all forms and reports on the query, instead of on the table─end-users may miss this important point, so if end-users are creating their own forms and reports, it is best to consider using calculated fields in tables.

This Visual How To shows how to create both of these calculated columns.Although Access has always supported calculated columns in queries, sometimes you may perform calculations in tables so that you can use the calculated fields in any object based on the table.In addition, Share Point supports calculations in its tables; because of the integration between Access and Share Point, Access must support the same sort of calculations in Access tables.In this case, create a Text column named Title and then save the table.Add a new calculated column named Sortable Title, and create the following expression using the Expression Builder.

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Although the table stores the author first name and last name, it is likely that in any situation where you might be using book information, you must also have the author's full name.

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