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If it was imported at all, that was long ago and the data are no longer up to date. Good business planning and intelligence begins with the relationship between the data store and the analysis tool: Separated, yet integrated.

An ASCII text file export or data connection is a better way of sharing data than sending Excel workbooks back and forth. Most spreadsheets are user-defined and tend to contain only the data that the user needs. The structure of the sheet follows the user’s habits and quirks.This is usually some matrix layout that attempts to present data like a report.If you have ever spent hours cut and pasting numbers from someone else’s spreadsheet, or built twisted formulas that reach across multiple sheets then you will have suffered at the hands of this problem. It is much easier to render a table to a matrix than the other way around.Bring data into a workbook in tables, calculate in tables and then present a report using matrices, graphs, charts, summarized tables or anything else that makes the data readable. Spreadsheets are error-prone because they have thousands of live formulas that are almost impossible to check. Not only do multiple live formulas increase the probability of error, they can also make the workbook fat, unwieldy and slow.The solution is to set each formula in one cell, paste it to every record and replace with values.

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Business has a love-hate relationship with spreadsheets.

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