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I told him about it and fast forward four years later we find out we’re having our daughter and I looked at him and he goes, “It must be Poppy,” so that was always it. Now I have this little thing and she’s this innocence that you wake up to and you put to bed. JB: We go back and forth between here and New York, but I think L. ” and, “Where will my husband and I sit and reflect and recharge?

After a shaky couple of weeks, Middleton appeared at the BBC's Sports Personality of the Year Awards yesterday, gracing the London event in a green Alexander Mc Queen dress and presenting Lifetime Achievement awards alongside future stud horse of England, David Beckham. And then tell your colleagues across the pond to give Kate Middleton more things to do. Yes, like George Clooney before her, Theron is going au naturale, possibly serving to "empower other women," as the sees it.

Some sort of "insider" tells Page Six, "Nate came to LA, bought a luxury Mercedes and saw a Hollywood Hills home and nabbed it all in the same day." Which, hmm.

[Oprah's former domestic Nate Berkus is so taken with his new beau, former Rachel Zoe servant Jeremiah Brent, that he has uprooted from New York and bought a house in the Hollywood Hills to be with his love. Buying a house and a car is big deal and probably deserves a little more consideration. It wasn't such a bad life, and he certainly wasn't unthinkingly buying fancy cars and houses at the drop of a hat. I think it's time for Nate Berkus to come on home, Oprah.

So that's all well and good — nice dress, nice award, nice presenting partner — but there is one strange thing. So she was basically a glorified Miss Golden Globe? I've looked for video to see if she did in fact speak, but all I can find is a couple snarky Brits saying that she pulled a wedgie out on stage and was denied a handshake by Jess Ennis. And while we're on the topic, when will there finally be a Mr. I mean, they've got Patrick Schwarzenegger right there. Pickin' wedgies is just the beginning of her abilities. The actor was seen entering the Australian actress's Union Square apartment recently and didn't leave until the next morning. Which could be true, or maybe people will just say "Huh, she looks good" and that will be their whole experience of the matter. The point is that Charlize Theron has short, graying hair.

It's this: "She didn't formally speak, but shared a few words with the honorees." Which... So maybe she really did just stand there clapping and handing awards to people? [ and daughter of NBC mascot Brian Williams, is dating Ricky Van Veen, co-founder of College Humor and New York tech/media gadabout. So there could have been some kind of sexual romance going on that we weren't privy to, obviously because we weren't inside the apartment or peering in through the windows or anything. If you were, then tell us more, but for now we'll just have to guess that maybe they kissed and fondled various things. But it's really silly to have a conversation about her aging because she is only 37.

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