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Will they be able to rescue Amber and Marshall from the mysterious pupnappers before anything bad happens? Will the pups and Ryder be the same after their experience with Amber? Someone who might not have joined the group until much later joins, changing the course of events forever. After Arceus has had enough of Legendary Pokemon fighting and nearly destroying the planet, they find themselves humanized and shipped off to a school called the Poketech Academy, located in Hoenn. (Rated T for romance and possible violence)The PAw Patrol always save the day. How much can the PAW Patrol and their new friend Amber go through before giving up hope?(I don't own PAW Patrol) (Done in collaboration with the author Star Holder Commander)REPOSTED! (I don't own PAW Patrol)It all began with two girls going to the Bakugan world. Rated T for Shakespeare, insanity, and extreme exaggeration.It wasn't the nearly perfect life she had envisioned when she got her mother back to normal; It's the complete opposite of that. There, the Lyoko Warriors find a group of kids and monsters who just may be able to help. *Updated Weekly*Kel is unfairly kicked out of page training after her probationary year. COMPLETEI know it's used alot, but here's my version. But what happens when Syrus starts to like Serenity, and Joey finds out,and something strange starts to happen at Duel Acamedy. After saving the world the first time, Ben, a Mudkip who was actually a human, was taken back to his own world. It's the summer before Jadens third year and the gang is competing in the final Battle City Tournament. With the 3 starter pokemon from the Shinou region,and his friend Kirie, Jayk has to stay sane and save the world from Team Rocket.discontinued. But one person is secretly sabotaging their plans, also known as the Mole. Kiva Stoutheart is a human that grew up in and has been adopted into a Giganotosaurus clan. Stargate SG–1 Crossover Pairings: Yami–Yugi, Jack–Daniel Summary: Solomon Moto is off to help one Dr. But what happens when a Digimon appears and the Tamers must face it in the middle of one of their favorite holidays? Sakura and the gang become wizards and receive special training. Rated T for some depressing themes and cursing and a bunch of other stuff. What if Ash had a sister that was born and raised by wild Arcanine before she was adopted by the Ketchum family? During battle, Rush gets attacked and ends up lost. Light deal with this hardship and try to find him, Rush must make his voyage home alone, but finds some help on the way. Even though the path of knighthood has been forbidden for her, she is determined to become a warrior..swears it, not knowing that the gods are listening. She learns there is more to the Slytherins than anybody thought before And much more to her as well.. and Kari are in a mysterious world where the only color is them. COMPLETE Story picks up on the heels of Wizards at War. Yami misses Yugi even when he feels a little better. A higher force will interven Years after the adventures of Yugi Muto, his son Yugo and his friends have adventures of their own, with lots of exciting ventures, lots of baddies, and lots of Duel Monsters! Something ancient is stirring in the pokemon mystery dungeon world, and even if Ben returns, it may not be enough. Lots of duels and lots of competition to come for the title of King of Games is at stake, Chp. Sixteen castaways are about to begin an adventure of a lifetime. EXE, Net Navi of twelve year old crimefighter extraordinaire, Lan Hikari, wakes up to find himself in the Real World? Two years after the end of their first adventure, the Digidestined find themselves in another world, allied with a Pokemon master, in a quest to rescue seven Legendaries before evil uses them for destruction. It's a new year and freshman Alex and his friends Nick and Trisha are there to stir up trouble, mix things up, and overall... After 18 years in the Rainy Basin, she wants to go see the rest of the island. To anyone who would like to read my future chapters I'm going to put this into the Cardcaptor Sakura category when I update again.

Kyra's life has been pretty much miserable since she got home last summer from Camp. But this christmas the monster makers have a gift they'll never forget! One injured Pokemon, one chance encounter leads to the adventure of their lives. Can Luke handle what he might learn about his maturnal heritage? A look at Kid Gospel, Sean Shun Obihiro's, life before the Net Mafia's formation and also the aftermath with his face to face encounter with Lan. Contains spoilers The World Three has been defeated, Gospel has been disbanded, Nebula is beaten, and Neo World Three has fallen. face the biggest challenge of their lives: college. The Sixth season is: Five Chosen Children, Four Gaurdians, Three Factions, Two Worlds, One Grand Battl Soon after graduating from his trainer school, Jayk learns that he can understand pokemon like they were human. Serge, a boy living in America, has no idea what he's gotten himself into when he takes a rather creative path of Angel creation. Ten characters from the Pokemon and Digimon series work together to complete challenges that will earn them up to a million dollars. What does Sirius Black and the stargate team make of one another and is there a way home for Sirius? When five friends are shipwrecked on Dinotopia, each in turn has to come to terms with their new home, find peace and harmony with their minds, their friends and ultimately build themselves new lives on a Utopia that's not quite perfect. Izzy and Sora are there to help, but the rest of the Chosen will be needed to solve their dilema. Disclaimer for all chapters: I do not own Neopets or Sailor Moon! Rated PG because of mild violence and cat swearing in their own lanauge. It's going to be a long year of fun, excitement, and the unexpected as we look at life in Odaiba University. The Digimon Tamers have to stop him but, they need some help. Ryo's decided to throw a Halloween party and he's invited all the Tamers. And on top of that they must save the their world from clashing with Vestoria. Our heroes Find they Have their hands full when they find out they have inherited the "SPIRITS OF THE PAST", spirits of ancient pokemon who when danger arises choose new hosts and grants them with new abilities. Who would have thought they were capable of being a best friend, a lover and a fam The Transformers are real and they've crash landed on our planet. The hikaris visits an old Shinto temple, Yugi falls down in a well, and ends up in another ti Neal becomes the famed Lioness' squire, but that is the only the beginning. Now that she knows he's alive, Dairine is determined to find Roshaun. Yugi's being murdered by a psychopath on his way on a date with Yami. The EHeros are real and are on a mission, to stop an entourage of monsters from destroying their realm. Rated T for semimature humor,language and violence. For thirty nine days, they will be stranded on the islands of Dewford with a minimal of protection and assistance against the harsh environment. Craziness follows, of course, coupled with a looong adventure... Bakugan will take on human forms in this story; R&R! Harry is fed up with stress and fed up with being famous. Preceeding Season 3 of Lyoko and Season 2 of Digimon, Jeremie happens to stumble across a whole new Digital World in the search for X. Sixteen castaways, all from different anime series, will embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Join Rachel, Lisa, Chelsea, Kelsey, and your favorite Cybertronians as they search for the Cube and fight for our world. G1, HM, Ri D, Armada, Energon, Cybertron,07This is the story of the young clone Mewtwo and Aiko, his only human friend, the daughter of his creator. Will Neal survive the summer at Pirate's Swoop with the temperamental Lioness, her mysterious husband, and their three children? When she finds him, she brings him back home to his parents on Wellakh. Etter lanseringen av det femte albumet, 1989, ble Swift den eneste artisten som har hatt tre separate album som har solgt over én million kopier i sine respektive lanseringsuker.Taylor Swift ble født og vokste opp på en juletrefarm i Wyomissing i Pennsylvania.

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