Netapp updating drive firmware

As you can see this option might have a consequence for your customer using the array.If you came across with such situation I strongly recommend opening a case to Net App before you try any changes.Once you have copied the newest version to /etc/disk_fw/ drive, and options raid.background_disk_fw_update.enable is set to on automatic, background and non-disruptive update will start.

Check all the per-requsits, download the new one and go with the given instruction of installation.This requirement includes any drive associated with SSD cache, a RAID 0 volume group, or any pool or volume group that is degraded.The Drive Firmware Update feature allows you to update drive firmware while the storage array is operating and online, as opposed to parallel drive firmware updates, which requires stopping all host I/O to the volumes associated with the selected drive.Online drive firmware upgrades are supported for drives in Optimal volume groups with redundancy protection (RAID 1, RAID 3, RAID 5, and RAID 6), and for optimal dynamic disk pools, as well as for unassigned or hot spare drives.When you upgrade the storage system software, disk firmware is updated automatically as part of the storage system software upgrade process.

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