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The Android app can be downloaded in APK from from the project website: an ISO for the desired distro and you can then run it in a virtual machine created by the app. When I view gadgets running it shows clock and calendar running. I went to the command prompt and ran the SFC /scannow and the system found no issues. I have uninstalled the clock gadget and reinstalled it but still does not show on my desktop.From this terminal window you can install and launch programs to run within windows on the desktop.Using the mouse pointer, windows can be dragged around and resized.By swiping around the screen, you can move the mouse pointer onto this window and tap to select it.

The top-right (three-dots) icon also brings up a menu for various settings, including font size (you might well want to increase it to see the text more easily on a small screen) and a list of special keys accessed via various volume button combinations.

You can then open the VNC Viewer app and point it to this address, entering the password as ‘password’.

A virtual desktop will then launch – note that there’s no proper desktop environment by default; just an xterm terminal window for Wheezy.

Fortunately, GNURoot does offer a way to implement one, using the helper app called ‘GNURoot Wheezy X (xterms)’, which launches a VNC server for this purpose.

To see the GUI, you’ll also need to download one of the many VNC clients available in the Play Store – we used VNC Viewer. After updating and upgrading, as before, note the address of the VNC server at the top – it should be ‘localhost:1’ the first time.

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As well as being able to SSH into other computers, you’ll have access to all your favourite Linux tools and you can also run a desktop GUI with most methods. You could potentially even turn your Android device into a LAMP server to run web apps!

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