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I had to take it up due to strong family pressure and shift to a place that I have no idea about. I continued there for 6 months and then I again decided to quit my job. You are working 8-9 hours a day for fulfilling the dream of someone just because you will get some money. If you keep for working for money, then it will only end in your death. Do read Rich Dad Poor Dad on how you can make money work for you. List of stuff that you want to do alone: Do not put all your eggs in one basket. This will generate income while you are a searching for a job.In these months I worked hard in my blog and I was getting enough money from it. Create a source of income when you are unemployed: I am not saying that you may find success in blogging or any other stuff. Never need to convince anyone including your family: Your family or friends or relatives do not know why you quit the job or you are not getting job. Do list out many stuff that you are passionate or have an idea. I have shared a few start up ideas in case you are interested. Do start a small grocery shop first and learn the business well.Take your time and go through each point and choose that fits your interest and skill.These lessons are an amalgamation of all lessons that I learned after resigning from my last job and also some interesting comments shared by readers.Do you have a 6-month unemployment period after graduation or Unemployed For over 6 Months after resigning from the last job.Getting unemployed and depressed is a normal phenomenon of many and you can use this time fruitful.

2 rejected it and I did not any communication from others. Finally some friend of mine called about a job in an NGO far away from my place. Do Lean Start up: A start up can be a small shop, a blog or website, an information center for your local community.Maybelline New York, one of the major American makeup brand has launched the latest Maybelline master chrome metalic highlighter.This is the new trend to bring the next level glow to your miduim skin tones.Here are some things or pointers that will help you restart your search for jobs or help you to figure out solutions.Find good model of portfolio, CVs and Resume and start adding your information. higher positions or roles / lower positions Apply for unemployment benefits from Government even if it is really less.

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  1. Both Dakota and Elle Fanning broke into the business before they had even started to lose their baby teeth (more on that later), and they have remained in the public eye ever since.

  2. Photos have been circulating online recently showing what appears to be the former star of The Suite Life of Zach and Cody slaving away at a Manhattan eatery, giving rise to rumors that financial hardship has forced the 21-year-old actor to enter the service industry.