Niall and demi dating tumblr Holland chat cam

Demi’s being spurred on by Simon [Cowell], who finds the whole thing very amusing.

, Niall woke up extra early to tweet, "@ddlovato happy birthday honey!

However, if that wasn’t enough, Demi’s back up singer Shari Short tweeted a thank you to Niall and asked him if he planned to see Demi on tour.

Here is what she all tweeted to Niall and Demi both, if you are a tad curious.

While Demi may not typically like the guys who look like Niall, he might be the change of pace that she wants.

While time will only tell us if they are an item or not, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were to become an item.

They seem to have that connection needed for it and the simple fact that they love music is a huge bond for the both of them.

It looks like they will have plenty to Skype about in the near future, huh?

Listen to Niall talk Demi and One Direction's next album below!

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Except maybe if you took their token blonde hottie and match him up with sweetheart songbird and "X Factor" judge Demi Lovato. Which brings us to the question that everyone is asking — are these two young superstars the newest couple in Hollywood?

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