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The art of rapport is perhaps the most accessible of NLP techniques and beyond doubt the most important in terms of how it will affect your life.Rapport is the means by which you can empathise with and get on with other people; and is a blend of tact, body language and listening.

Many books have been written on the in-depth functions of NLP; and many practitioners make a handsome living out of providing therapy and self-help courses.For example, a therapist may be able to induce a patient to smile whenever someone touches their shoulder.This is an extremely powerful way of instantaneously changing the way a person feels, and works well in long term therapist-patient relationships.The technique allows you to view negative situations in a new light, and thus enables you to see how positive outcomes might be derived from seemingly hopeless and frustrating situations.This NLP technique can be of benefit to people who have experienced severe trauma in their past such as battlefield stress or childhood abuse—or who are suffering from chronic or life-threatening illness.

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Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP for short, is a unique approach to personal development, communication skills and psychotherapy developed in the 1970s.

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