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Nothing in this Policy prevents a University Community member from filing a complaint with a state or federal agency or court. Members of the University Community are any persons employed by or affiliated with the University in any way and persons participating in any University program or activity, including, but not limited to: (1)University faculty, staff, administrators, employees, and independent contractors; (2)University students; (3)Volunteers and participants in any University program or activity; and (4)Guests and visitors to campus, to any property owned or leased by the University, or to any property owned or leased by any University-affiliated organization or group.

Sexual Harassment is defined as: Unwelcome verbal, nonverbal, or physical conduct, based on sex or gender stereotypes, that: 1.

The complainant or alleged victim will be informed of any decision to act contrary to the request for confidentiality or no investigation before any disclosures are made and before an investigation begins.

In support of an individual’s request for confidentiality and the University’s interest in learning about incidents of discrimination and harassment, the University designates two levels of confidential resources: 1.

Merit and productivity, free from prohibited bias, will continue to guide decisions relating to employment and enrollment.The EOO Director is the individual designated by the President with responsibility for providing education and training about prohibited discrimination and harassment to the University community and for receiving and investigating reports and complaints of discrimination and harassment in accordance with this Policy.The EOO Director can be reached at the Equal Opportunity Office, located at 119 Holmes-Hunter Academic Building, by phone at (706) 542- 7912, or via email at [email protected] University employee, including a graduate teaching assistant, is prohibited from pursuing or having a romantic or sexual relationship with any student or University System of Georgia (USG) employee who the individual supervises, teaches, or evaluates in any way.Additionally, a University employee is prohibited from pursuing or having a romantic or sexual relationship with any student or USG employee whose terms or conditions of education or employment the individual could directly affect.

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The EOO does not serve as an advocate or representative for any party.

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