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The season wasn’t over and she was going to treat every practice, every game, as if they were already in the playoffs.They would be going to Silver Hills and facing off with the Comets by the end of the week.Queen G always had to look her best, even if the only people around her were her own teammates.“I was wondering something…”Trini pulled a hoodie over her head, nodding for the other girl to continue, “What’s up?Trini decked herself out in her favorite ripped jeans, much to her mother’s dismay; a loose fitting grey t-shirt, trusty beanie and her favorite pink converse.She tried not to wear the trusty shoes very often, certainly never to the Dragon’s Nest or Tiger Den. ”“Nah” Trini waved it off, if Kimberly brought them bottles of water they’d just drink it in the car.In addition, please read our Privacy Policy, which has also been updated and became effective May 23rd, 2018.

Simple touches like that had become second nature to the couple.“Yeah it’ll be fun to do something together outside of softball” Really, she did mean that. Gia saddled up next to Emma, taking her girlfriend’s duffle bag and hoisting it over her shoulder, “You ready to go?The team was like a sisterhood but outside of Lauren and Mia, Trini and Kimberly didn’t exactly have many other girls who liked girls couples to do this sort of double date thing with. ” She nodded her head in Kimberly and Trini’s direction, acknowledging their presence.“Mhmm” Emma kissed Gia’s cheek, a thank you for being so chivalrous and carrying her bag for her, “I asked Kimberly and Trini if they wanted to join us on Friday” She could just say the phrase double date.“Oh” Gia tried not to sound too surprised by the information, they would be having company, that would be an adjustment.Writing this fic has really changed my life in so many ways.This fandom, I've met new friends all over the world and I've really come into my own.

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At least it wasn’t Lauren and Mia, she’d be okay with babysitting the underclassmen.

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