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Relations between the two countries worsened in the early 1990s when North Korea expanded its nuclear program and the U. considered bombing the suspected weapons development facilities.

In 1994, after Jimmy Carter sat down with North Korean leader Kim Il Sung, the two sides eventually negotiated their way back from the brink of war. and North Korea pledged to move toward full normalization of relations. government has continued to criticize North Korean sales of advanced missile technology to countries such as Pakistan and Iran. and South Korean intelligence agencies leaked information that an underground facility in North Korea might house a nuclear weapons program. The relationship between the two powers is not entirely antagonistic. government agreed to its first direct assistance to North Korea: 100,000 metric tons of food as well as a project coordinated with several U. nongovernmental organizations that will introduce new potato varieties to North Korean farms.

More critically, the Clinton administration gave in to congressional opposition and lifted only the least important of the economic sanctions that Pyongyang desperately wants removed.

Although Washington rhetorically supports a more open and internationally integrated North Korea, the economic embargo further severs Pyongyang from the capitalist world and reinforces the isolationist faction within the North Korean political elite. North Korea, in the grip of a food crisis and a general economic collapse, is desperate to earn hard currency. has developed military responses to a crisis that requires primarily economic solutions.

It must agree to controls on the exporting and testing of its missiles.

A recent report produced for the National Defense University by former Assistant Secretary of Defense Richard Armitage has argued that if North Korea doesn’t satisfy all U. Key Recommendations Even as it simultaneously wages war in Iraq and Yugoslavia, the Clinton administration could attempt to bring peace to the Korean peninsula.Clinton administration policy toward North Korea is currently caught between a fifty-year legacy of containment and a tentative commitment to engagement. But hard-line sentiment in Congress and among prominent policymakers continues to pressure the administration to take a more hawkish stance. This tension at the policymaking center has rendered U. foreign policy toward North Korea inconsistent and, in some cases, deeply flawed.Instead of addressing the full range of bilateral disagreements, Washington has taken a piecemeal approach that has not meshed with the new policies of South Korea’s Kim Dae Jung.The North Korean government, however, has not collapsed.The power plant construction, whether by design or by accident, has encountered delays.

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