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Perhaps most importantly, it is largely self-policed — administrators of servers, as Discord’s group chat rooms are known, set their own rules and are responsible for keeping their members in line.Leaders like Richard Spencer, who is credited with coining the term “alt-right,” and Andrew Anglin, the editor of the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer, used Discord to discuss current events and debate movement strategy. — Make Eye Contact — A difficult but powerful pain reliever. They posted swastikas and praised Hitler in chat rooms with names like “National Socialist Army” and “Führer’s Gas Chamber.” They organized last weekend’s “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Va., connecting several major white supremacy groups for an intimidating display of force.And when that rally turned deadly, with the killing of a 32-year-old counterdemonstrator, they cheered and discussed holding a gathering at the woman’s funeral.For two months before the Charlottesville rally, I embedded with a large group of white nationalists on Discord, a group chat app that was popular among far-right activists.Several said they were aware of the issue, but had no concrete plans to crack down on any extremist groups.

It’s common to feel confused, scared or overwhelmed.

In the days leading up to the “Unite the Right” rally, Discord proved that it could be an indispensable organizing tool.

White nationalists used alt-right Discord servers to form car pools to Charlottesville and arrange local lodging.

It started in 2015 as a chat app for video gamers, where fans of games like World of Warcraft could form teams and talk about strategy.

Over the next several years, as gamers invited their friends to the app, it became one of the hottest start-ups in Silicon Valley, growing to more than 45 million members and raising nearly 0 million from top tech investors.

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