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Hutton observed, for example, that sediments could pile up to make huge rock cliffs and mountains, but that they must have done so in history at the same slow rate at which they do today, meaning that the Earth formed by gradual processes over a very long time.Rock layers as thick as those in the Grand Canyon could only have formed in a span of millions of years if sedimentation took place in the past at the same rate at which it does today.Becquerel was a French physicist who lived from 1852 to 1908.Later, the British physicist Lord Rutherford became the first to suggest that principles of radioactive decay could be used to date Earth and geologic events.From this observation, Hutton believed the Earth to be millions of years old, not just a few thousand years old, as Bishop Ussher believed.James Hutton is often called the father of modern geology.Mesozoic - age of dinosaurs Cenozoic - age of mammals Paleozoic - age of invertebrates Precambrian - age of fishes What is the commonly accepted age of the earth?

Cretaceous Jurassic Paleozoic Mesozoic Which of the following is NOT a geologic time scale unit in Earth’s history?

Ussher said that Earth must have been created in October of the year 4004 B. His biblical chronology of Earth's history was widely accepted in the Judeo-Christian Western world for nearly a century and is still accepted by some today who believe a literal interpretation of the Bible’s creation account.

(Other believers of the Bible accept it as scripture but assert that the word "day" should not be interpreted as the 24 hours we define it as now, but instead as a creative James Hutton, who lived from 1726 to 1797, and who you learned about in the previous section, presented the law of uniformitarianism, which is that the laws of nature do not change with time and that the rates at which things happen on Earth today are the same as they were in the past.

He estimated the Earth to be 100 million years old.

A major breakthrough in assigning an age to Earth came in 1896 when Henri Becquerel discovered radioactivity.

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