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'It should be noted that some of the convictions against officers were incurred many years ago, when those convicted were very young and before they joined the police service.'A small number of other forces have disclosed having officers with previous convictions, but usually only for minor crimes.

Critics said this made the Hampshire revelations even more extraordinary.

The Home Office sets procedures to be followed for officers with criminal convictions.

He said: "One man was arrested on suspicion of tax fraud.

The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) confirmed that officers convicted of serious crimes while serving could remain in their post.

Unlike members of the public who break the law, they are protected by Government rules called Police and Misconduct Regulations.

It should be remembered that there are just over 140,000 police officers in the country, the overwhelming majority of whom serve the public with dedication.‘Police staff members are subject to the ACAS code of practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures, while police officers are subject to the Police and Misconduct Regulations set by Government.‘From December 1, 2008, new Police and Misconduct Regulations will come into effect which will simplify and speed up the discipline process and in many respects will bring it in line with procedures relating to police staff.’Those with existing convictions for serious crimes are barred from joining the police altogether.

o portray an accurate persona, it is necessary in all respects to conform to the established customs and practices of His Majesty's Service at Sea. Until 1825 some pay was held back as a guarantee against desertion. At the end of a commission each man was given a pay ticket, which could be cashed at the Admiralty. Resolution (1772-1775), lost only one man to scurvy.

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