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The Taurus Moon tends not to be aggressive but instead, is rather good-natured, accenting the need for security and the necessity of saving for “a rainy day.” However, this Moon may also be prideful, stubborn and jealous.The Scorpio Sun/Taurus Moon combination produces a nature that is solid and down-to-earth, coupled with an enormous amount of strength, intensity and concentrative power.Famous Scorpio Sun/Taurus Moon Personalities * Edward Asner * Lisa Bonet * Richard Dreyfuss * Michael Dukakis * Tonya Harding * * Warren G.Harding * Bob Hoskins * Seth Joyner * Brian Keith * Michael Landon * * Simon Le Bon * Demi Moore * Roy Rogers * Erwin Rommel * Ray Walston * The Gemini Moon is an intuitive Moon, a rapid learner operating on a mental plane.Famous Scorpio Sun/Aries Moon Personalities * Charles, Prince of Wales * John Clees * Linda Evans * Sally Field * Bill Gates * Larry Holmes * Calvin Klein * Martin Luther * Burgess Meredith * Dermot Mulroney * Joaquin Phoenix * Doris Roberts * Meg Ryan * Mc Lean Stevenson * The Taurus Moon is a positive and practical Moon.This Moon possesses a sharp artistic sense but is deliberate in reaching decisions.Scorpio Sun/Aries Moon subjects are extremely independent and highly impulsive.They are well aware of being strong on a personal level and harbor minimal compassion or concern for others who lack such strength.

The thoughts, emotions, plans and aims of these natives are all on the wide and sweeping scale. Scorpio Sun/Taurus Moon individuals tend to attract and control people with the strength of their personality.This is a gregarious, generous and optimistic Moon, where opinions are decisive and forceful.The Aries Moon is also a high-strung and controlling Moon, as well as being spontaneous, energetic, friendly and honest.In short, an understanding nature is not their special gift since they are rather shrewd and hard-headed in demeanor.Still, these individuals do possess an effervescent personality and are never ones to run away from a fight.

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