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For example, you can set an age range and mark it as reasonably important, which will allow matches outside your range to be shown to you if they fit your other criteria.

The ranking settings offer five preferences that range from “not important at all” to “non-negotiable.” Currently, more women (54%) than men (46%) use Love Arts, which Duncan explained is pretty common among dating websites.

We also reached out to Duncan Cunningham, who oversees The Dating Lab, to hear how the infrastructure his white-label company built for Love Arts provides a better online dating experience.

“About four years ago, when we decided to dip a toe in the water with a dating site, it wasn’t in the strict conventional sense of people looking for a partner,” Hugh said of The Stage.

The steady growth they’ve seen over the years has begun to include practitioners of other art forms, such as digital design, and those who describe themselves as creative.

A large feature set helps Love Arts users find matches beyond age and location to make connections on a specific type of artistic interest.

Hugh said his team at The Stage has grown closer over the years to work together across every aspect of the company, including its dating brand, Love Arts.

He proudly anticipates the growth they’ve seen on the dating platform, which now receives over 12,000 visitors a month, will only continue.

Hugh explained that today the site helps users find friends and romantic relationships based on a common interest in the arts.

Both Jonathan and Dora had heard of the website and were simply hoping to meet new people and seek validation that dating someone on xanax were attractive enough to be approved as members.

Matt Sherman, Founder and CTO After breaking up with his girlfriend about four years ago, Sherman said he was looking for a well-read woman. Alana, a former Silicon Valley resident, had no trouble meeting guys.

Creatives Dating is purely for Professional Creatives. Music is a big passion for me, comedy and being silly is a must.

But romance wasn't her ultimate goal when she checked out the vegetable-friendly site.

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He also pointed out that the Love Arts demographics have shifted to slightly younger, with about one-quarter of their users falling between the ages of 25 and 29.

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