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VITAMIN D, 25 HYDROXY (Checks for Vitamin D Deficiency) 11. My MTHFR status accounted for some of my own particular health picture including my level of toxicity from breast implants and heavy metals and my very low B12 which causes many of our symptoms.

IRON AND FERRITIN TEST (Checks for iron derangement) 12. I have MTHFR genetic variants that affect my ability to methylate (break down) toxins and to detox metals.

The ION Profile evaluates organic acids, fat-soluble vitamins, Coenzyme Q10, homocysteine, oxidative stress markers, nutrient and toxic elements, fatty acids, and amino acids.

Breast implants deplete many of our important nutrients and minerals which drive our enzyme systems and thus our health processes. DNA Connections Full View test through which identifies bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites in removed teeth, blood, tissue, implants, bone grafts or other biological samples.

Many of us also have pathogens and parasites in our gut due to bad gut health and even past our gut as they inhabit our body because there is little immune opposition to them due to immune deficits.

Next the approximate 40 toxic chemicals and array of heavy metals in silicone which are known endocrine disruptors, cytotoxic and neurotoxic poison our fragile endocrine system (thyroid/adrenals and the other glands) and poison our immune system (thymus and gut health) and create toxicity in our organs and body.

With saline there is also the added element and fact that many of the saline ports collect body fluid/tissue and allow colonization of microorganisms and these organisms can even cross into the implant due to defective valves.

DNA Connexions provides Full View test kits for collecting blood, tissue, teeth, root canals, cavitations, implants, bone grafts, paper points, swabs, floss, and saline.

Samples do not have to be orally based or obtained by a healthcare professional. The Fungitell assay test is FDA cleared, highly sensitive, rapid diagnostic test that detects (1→3)-β-D-glucan in serum in as little as one hour.

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Even if you don’t have these specific genes your body will still respond to the fact that breast implants are huge foreign objects implanted in your chest near vital organs and glands and you will experience the usual foreign body response as your body mounts an all out war which causes immune deficits, immune dysfunction and eventually autoimmune symptoms and diseases.

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