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Du musst eigentlich nur ein Mädchen finden, und gut genug an ihre Interessen appellieren, damit sie Notiz von dir nimmt.

, otome gēmu, wörtlich „Mädchenspiel“ oder auf Deutsch auch manchmal Otome-Spiel) ist ein Computerspiel, welches auf junge Frauen und Mädchen als Zielgruppe ausgerichtet ist und dessen Ziel ist, im Spiel eine romantische Beziehung zwischen der weiblichen Protagonistin und einer oder mehreren männlichen Figuren aufzubauen.

Although she created her current channel back in 2014, she has stated that she created her first account back in 2006, not disclosing the name of it, in which she made AMV'S, but she stopped making these videos due to how time consuming they were to make. Aki is very eccentric and bubbly in her videos, which she claims is not the case in her real life, especially during her younger years, in which she depicted the very generic, introverted, anti-social Otaku, even sometimes bordering on weeaboo.

Her family knows she's into anime, manga, video games, and cosplay, and it's well known among her You Tube fanbase that she's a hentai lover, especially tentacle hentai, which she is not ashamed of much (although her family does not know this stuff, for obvious reasons).

However, his main obsession is playing video games.

Due to many years of gaming experience, he is very proficient in gaming.

You have the chance to meet even more people by welcoming new users, exploring anime fans near you, and participating in our forums.

akidearest, also known as Aki whose real name is Agnes Usagi Diego, is a female anime You Tuber known for her rants on specific topics in the anime community and about other Otaku, as well as her vocaloid top lists.

We add up distance, ages, and tastes in anime (every 24 hours, roughly) to help you meet other awesome Otaku.

Es ist ein Teilgenre der aus Japan stammenden Ren’ai-Spiele (Romantikspiele) und ist meistens als Ren’ai-Adventure (außerhalb Japans oft als Visual Novel bezeichnet) umgesetzt oder aber als Ren’ai-Simulation (Dating Sim).

Abzugrenzen, teilweise aber auch dazugerechnet, sind Boys Love Games ebenfalls für eine weibliche Zielgruppe, jedoch mit männlichem Protagonisten, der um ebenfalls männliche Figuren romantisch wirbt.

Although he does not display emotions, he peppers his text messages with emoticons.

When you join Mai Otaku (pronounced My Otaku), the first thing to do is list your favorite anime (from our list of all of them) and any conventions you have attended.

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She's currently dating The Anime Man (Joey) and is good friends with Misty Chronexia (Misty).

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