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For example, "91027180" is the 7180th guitar built in 2000 (1998 02)." found this on the wikipedia page for the Peavey EVH wolfgang, not sure of its accuracy but interesting.Can anyone verify if this is true "The Standard and American Special models are numbered in a sequential and chronological order, having 8 digits. Pre 1977 Guitars Vantage V-100 1978 Guitars Vantage 600 VS Vantage 700 VP Vantage 800 VA ‘Artist’ 1979 Guitars Vantage VA-800 ‘Phantom’ Vantage VS-600 ‘Witch’ Vantage VP-700 ‘Mystic’ Vantage VP-750 ‘The Ghost’ (The Paul copy) Vantage VLP-500 ‘Spirit’ Vantage VLP-510 ‘Spirit’ Vantage VLP-540 ‘Spirit’ (aka LTD) Vantage VLP-550 ‘Spirit’ Basses Vantage VS-600B ‘Witch bass’ Vantage VP-700B ‘Mystic bass’ Acoustics Vantage VC-100 (Classic / Nylon) Vantage VC-120 (Classic / Nylon) Vantage VC-150 (Classic / Nylon) Vantage VW-100 (Western / Steelstrings) Vantage VW-150 (Western / Steelstrings) Vantage VW-180 (Western / Steelstrings) 1980 Guitars Vantage VS-650 ‘Witch’ (light variants of VS-600) Vantage VP-710 ‘Witch’ (light variants of VP-700) Vantage VP-790 ‘Demon’ Vantage VA-900 ‘Devil’ (active circiut) Vantage VA-912 ‘Devil’ (12-strings and passive electronics) Vantage ‘VT-60’ (A mysterious Peavey T60-copy) Basses Vantage VS-650B ‘Witch’ (light variants of VS-600B) Vantage VP-710B ‘Witch’ (light variants of VP-700B) Vantage VA-900B ‘Devil Bass’ (active electronics) Vantage VA-900B-FL “Devil Bass fretless” (active electronics) Vantage ‘VT-40B’ (A mysterious Peavey T40 Bass-copy) Acoustics Vantage VW-160 (Western / Steelstrings) Vantage VW-170 (Western / Steelstrings) Vantage VW-175 (Western / Steelstrings) Vantage VW-190 (Western / Steelstrings) Vantage VW-195 (Western / Steelstrings) Vantage VW-250 (Western / Steelstrings) Vantage VA 10 LT (Acoustic) Vantage VA-10-CK (Acoustic) Vantage VA-12-LT (Acoustic / 12-strings) Vantage VA-12-DK (Acoustic / 12-strings) Vantage VA-15-LT Vantage VA-15-DK (Acoustic) Vantage VA-20 (Acoustic) Vantage VA-22-CE-R (Acoustic) Vantage VA-22/12 (Acoustic / 12-strings) Vantage VA-25 (Acoustic) Vantage VA-40 (Acoustic) Vantage VA-40-CE (Acoustic) Vantage VA-40/12 (Acoustic / 12-strings) Vantage VA-50-S (Acoustic) Vantage VA-50-LC (Acoustic) Vantage VN-200F (Natural / Steelstrings) Vantage VN-200D (Natural / Steelstrings) Vantage VN-200-12 (Natural / Steelstrings) Vantage VN-220 (Natural / Steelstrings) Vantage VN 2212 (Natural / Steelstrings) Vantage CL-15-LT (Craviola style) 1981 Guitars Vantage VS-600R ‘Rainbow’ Vantage VLP-520 ‘Spirit’ Vantage VLP-530 ‘Spirit’ Vantage VS-695 ‘Vamp’ Vantage VS-695/12 ‘Vamp 12-strings’ Vantage VP-795 ‘Demon II’ Vantage VA-800 (24 frets) Vantage VA-810 (24 frets) Vantage AV-310 Vantage AV-325 Vantage VSH-435 (Vantage Semi Hollowbodies) Vantage VSH-445 ‘Haunt’ Vantage VSH-455 ‘Specter’ Vantage FV-575 ‘Flying V – Voodoo’ Basses Vantage VS-600RB ‘Rainbow Bass’ Vantage VS-695B ‘Vamp bass’ Vantage VS-695B/FL “Vamp bass fretless” Vantage VP-795B ‘Demon II bass’ Vantage AV-325B Vantage AV-325B/FL (fretless) Vantage FV-575B ‘Flying V – Voodoo Bass’ 1982 Guitars Vantage VS-690 ‘Super Witch’ Vantage VS-696 ‘Vamp II’ Vantage VS-696/12 Vantage VTP-750 ‘The Ghost’ Vantage AV-315 Vantage V-330 Vantage AV-330MX Vantage VE-545 Vantage VE-550 Vantage VE-565 Vantage VP-820 Vantage X-33 Vantage X-77 Vantage X-77t (tremolo) Vantage X-88 Vantage Standard II (A mysterious Peavey T60-copy) Basses Vantage AV-315B Vantage VS-696B Vantage VP-820B Vantage X-77B Vantage X-88B 1983 Guitars Vantage FV-588 Vantage LTD (is a VLP 540 with LTD written on the headstock) Vantage VP-825 Vantage VP-830 Vantage VE-450 Vantage VE-470 Basses Vantage VP-825B Vantage VP-830B 1984 Guitars Avenger series: Vantage 315 Vantage 315T (tremolo) Vantage 315 T X Vantage 315 TD X X-series: Vantage 33-TD Vantage 33-TD X Vantage 38-TD X Vantage 77-TD X Vantage 99-TD X Vantage 315 S Vantage 315 ST Vantage 315 STX Vantage Invader 1 Vantage Invader 2 Basses Vantage 315B Vantage 325B X Vantage 33B XF (fretless) Vantage 77B X Vantage 99B X Vantage 99B X (headless) Vantage 315 SB Vantage 3 No new models came out SAMICK (korean company) took over the rights of the Vantage trademark.1986 Guitars Vantage Invader 5-TD 1987 February: Matsumoku Kogyo went bankrupt and had to close down the factory.It is undeniably a production model Peavey EVH Wolfgang built sometime between 1999-2001. -AT He wrote this back: Hey AT, Thanks, But there were several one-offs that were made of Flamed Maple Tops the first year. The quilt tops were so hit-or-miss that they decided to experiment with flame tops.

The serial number is 91012223, and it has the patent number under the EVH signature brand. Comes with Peavey Hardshell Case (OHSC), Paperwork and all case candy! Don't settle for a lesser version when you can have an EVH-selected Wolfgang that is a Peavey Custom Shop Hand-built in the USA! You can call Peavey Electronics directly to verify the production year and version of the Wolfgang you're selling.

The first two digits are always "91" and then two more digits indicate the year, with "00" indicating the first year of production (actually, late 1997 and all of 1998), "01" for 1999 and so on.

The last four digits indicate the production order for that specific year.

Again it may be a coincidence but it seems to work for my guitars based on what I know about them. I guess Peavey does Like I said, the info from Wikipedia is pure crap.

Someone was making stuff up (further evidenced by the fact that they called the arch top model a "Standard," which was never an official term used by Peavey--only one adopted by owners). I've ALWAYS accurately dated my Wolfgangs through Peavey; and while those numbers coincidentally work out with a few of them, it doesn't with all of them.

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