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Best practice is probably avoid using quick User switching all, rather log out of one user before logging into another one, but at a minimum, even if you do quick switch, don’t leave Picasa open in two user accounts at the same time. we’re actually very close, the logic is surprisingly simple: map the drive that has our Picasa library and databases as a network drive, say P, then apply the tricks we’ve just learned doing the multi-user setup on the same computer, but now the symbolic links will point to the public folders on the P: drive, and voila!Well, almost…too bad there are a number of quirks that we have to deal with first. If you have a NAS drive, which is for passive storage only, accessed by several computers on the network, than the above solution will work, since you can map the NAS drive to the same drive letter on all computers. there is no NAS, Picasa resides on one of the actively used computers which all others access, then you run into all sorts of trouble.In this setup Picasa still had to index all images it read from the network and recreate a local database on the individual computers, so the solution was quite redundant – but worked relatively well.

but wait, first things first: Picasa is my favorite photo management program, and hey, it’s hard to beat free!Picasa does not save your edits in the image file itself, rather it uses a set of system files: files in every photo folder and a bunch of proprietary databases in two hidden system directories.This is actually a good concept, you can experiment and safely revert back to the original – trouble starts when you want to move to a new computer, or God forbid access your photos from multiple computers – some of the associated changes will come through, others won’t.So once again, we’ll cheat: find a way to refer to the central Picasa Lib under the same drive letter from all computers.Not a true server, but playing that role in this case: this is the computer that has all the Picasa files and that we’ve just set up for multi-user access in the previous exercise.

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