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The spinning effect is due to the satellite's rotating movement used to maintain its stability.

There are likely very few 16-year-old webcams still in use on Earth. The ESA took and released the image last week, but highlighted it on Thursday as part of its Space in Images series.

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You know those people that have been students for what seems like forever, always working on a master’s or Ph D?

"The biggest problem is that the police don't take action until child victims file reports, but children almost never report these crimes," said head of campaigns Hans Guyt.

The rights group wants police around the world to have a mandate to actively patrol chat rooms where the abuse is taking place.

"They were ready to pay Sweetie for sexual acts in front of her webcam," the rights group's head Albert Jaap van Santbrink told journalists in The Hague.

All of the videos displayed on our site are hosted by websites that are not under our control.It’s a rather well-done (especially for the Philippines) replica of the United States’ Presidential Oval Office inside a modestly priced Manila hotel which will remain unnamed.Read More Hello, hello shaved pussy Pinay Perv’s, boy have we got a nice catch for you today.Sweetie was created by the child rights group and deployed in Internet chat rooms from a remote building in Amsterdam.Within a 10-week period, over 20,000 predators approached Sweetie, asking for webcam sex performances.

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