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These creatures can be found floating in warm waters around the world.

They often appear in large numbers at the same time, raising the risks of exposure for the swimmer and beachgoer alike. Although man-of-war stings are very painful, they rarely fatal.

Portuguese man o' wars have been washing up on New Jersey beaches this summer, causing alarm for beachgoers and local officials.

Unfortunately, their tentacles tend to wrap around the victim's body or extremities resulting in numerous "stings."What are the symptoms if stung?Online Dating Service Cherry gives you possibilities to find Portuguese men from all over the Portugal. Feel free to search for men from Portugal on our dating site and view their pictures. Those injured may also experience itching, swelling, tingling and numbness, burning or prickling sensation, nausea, vomiting, headache, fever, loss of consciousness, muscle and joint problems, difficulty breathing, heart problems, weakness and dizziness, etc.This experience is extremely painful, but rarely fatal.

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