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A geek goes up to a girl at the bar, and tries to get her number. I understood the concepts, but I needed to go out a lot and approach thousands of women, to really internalize the inner workings of the dating game. I ended up going out 4 nights a week for 6 weeks, and approaching about 25 women a night. When the six weeks were up, I slowed down a bit, because that’s a ridiculous amount of women. People don’t like it when they’re being used for target practice. It seems like it’s ok to practice writing, practice music, practice video games, but for some reason, the real world frowns on people practicing dating. If you’re in your teens or early twenties, people just say “oh, they’re young and dating, they’ll figure it out when they get more mature.

She doesn’t give it to him, and he walks back to his friends, feeling silly. Now’s the time to make mistakes.” Well, fuck me, but I missed that boat. My idea of getting a girl was to invite her on a series of expensive dates and fawn all over her like a puppy, at which point she usually lost interest. I used to go out and see all these women that I wished I could talk to.

On Rent AFriend, there are hundreds of thousands of Friends from all over the world who are available to help you learn how to improve your dating skills.

When I took a bootcamp with Mystery, and learned to approach women all those years ago, he told me I needed to practice. We live in a society where practicing social dynamics is often seen as repulsive.

Besides the obvious benefit of getting regular sex, which is pretty sweet, I’m practicing.

If you’re not going to get into a relationship with any of these women, why are you going out, getting numbers, going on dates, and hooking up with them? ” It’s a strong question, and I’ll give you the most honest answer I can.

For some of us less fortunate, less attractive, less naturally charming people, that didn’t happen. I would often zone out and daydream about how seductive I was.

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