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Time Frame Time consuming A couple of hours for a single date Quick Narrows down characteristics 3.

Chance to meet people you normally wouldn't meet - arguably the best advantage of online dating - acts as a kind of hub for single people looking to date. Save time - straight to the point by collecting like-minded people who are interested in finding dates. Stigma - no real downside to this disadvantage other than it being potentially embarrassing for some people. Safety - Caution and common sense should always be used in online dating4.

What is the success rate of online dating in some communities? 39 % were still going on at the time of the survey, and of these 24 % had been going for at least a year, and 8 % for at least two years.

Reporters Mitzi Ann Victoria Gonzales First Year, BS Mathematics Timothy Jairus Bruno Second Year, BS Statistics Alyssa Marie Aranzaso First Year, BS Mathematics Mariya Anna Mata Fourth Year , Fine Arts Lizelle Mendoza Third Year, BS Chemistry Significance of the Report To give necessary information about online dating To remove misconceptions on online dating To give interested people a background on how online dating works To know the pros and cons of online dating Outline I. Brief discussion on what is online dating and how it works. Brief description of people who usually engage in online dating in terms of the age, gender, and socio-economic class . Of the relationships that had already ended at the time of the survey, 14 % had lasted over a year, and 4 % had lasted over two years. Jeff Gavin, of the University of Bath, women are less emotionally dependent on their “e-partners” than men and less committed to the relationship.

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