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Whenever I see something that makes me smile the first thing I think is, “Wow, I can’t wait to tell him about it.” Getting to unwind at the end of the day and just talk is therapeutic.

Con New life partners come with baggage — but that's a story for another time!Pro You confirm your attractiveness to the opposite sex. Pro You get to experience new places, activities and foods you never would have discovered on your own. Pro You learn what you like in other people — and what you might like to change in yourself.Con You confirm your suspicions of the opposite sex. Con Observing how strangers respond to you can be, uh, eye-opening.Con You achieve something concrete by staying home to do the laundry.And your clothes stay cleaner when you're not out spilling cheap table wine on them. Con Inciting that jealousy may require some creative lying about your dates.

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Unfortunately, you don’t have a best friend to call and complain to because they're your best friend.

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