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Live training is even available, alongside a library of videos for mastering your mack.

Social Clout: 7,425 followers, 1,789 likes URL: Bragging Rights: natural mastery with women and dating Internationally recognized as one of the world’s great seducers, Richard La Ruina is the author of “The Natural Art of Seduction.” His site brings a boot camp-like approach to combating shyness, lack of technique or overall confidence and how to overcome such obstacles.

PUA Training, led by Richard La Ruina, appeared in 2005 shortly after the publication of the bestseller "The Game".

Despite having a late start compared to other companies in the dating industry, PUA Training grew very fast thanks to its aggressive PR strategy and hiring coaches that were already well known in London. PUA Training was the second dating company to be founded in the UK market.

Anyway, You seem pretty adventurous, so tell me this...

Social Clout: 648 followers URL: Bragging Rights: what really works with women From Speed Seduction creator Ross Jeffries comes the blog, a testosterone-powered source for getting the girl fast.

The Seduction blog prides itself on offering “the no holds barred truth” about what women really want.

Braddock’s approach is tightening up the skill level, looking for weaknesses in your game and applying his proven methods of seduction. Hooters to picking up a woman on the Maxim Top 100, he has ran the gauntlet. At Life with Soul, founder Jeremy Soul brings his full home-study course for pickup artists right to the desktop.

Social Clout: 8,118 followers, 109 likes URL: Bragging Rights: Love. Critical analysis on “Flaws of Pickup Artistry” find cracks in common approaches, while articles like “8 Insights to Progress Your Journey Faster” bring new styles and techniques to the hunt.

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PUA Training, thanks to its aggressive PR and marketing strategy and these advantages grew into a significant player in the dating coaching industry very quickly. arm of PUA Training today with his wife Amanda Lyons.

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