Questions to ask when dating a man with kids

"While some might argue this is early, I would argue that this lets you know what page each of you are on, and if they are likely going to be headed in a similar direction, at a pace you can live with." So find out if they're looking for something no-strings attached, or if they want a relationship, or what.

And be sure you feel they're being genuine."You want to make sure that you have your radar up to know if the answer that you are getting is authentic," she says.

This question "can go a long way to helping you see a bigger picture in your relationship," Alex says.

It might not be so bad — what you find out could be pretty minor.

"[This] tells you a lot about how they handle adversity," Paiva says.

"It might seem embarrassing or too personal, but there's no reason to waste your time or theirs.

Plus, if they are in agreement with your deal-breaker …

"There are hundreds of stories of people that dislike animals that begin to date someone that does have a pet, and they want that partner to remove the pet from their home or life." Well, that's horrible.

If you're not an animal fanatic, or you're mad allergic, get it on the table right away.

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Find out now, or forever hold your peace …"Ask about one of your deal-breakers," life coach Kali Rogers tells Bustle.

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