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FOAF has been evolving gradually since its creation in mid-2000.There is now a stable core of classes and properties that will not be changed, beyond modest adjustments to their documentation to track implementation feedback and emerging best practices.Computer programs will be able to scutter around a Web of documents designed for machines rather than humans, storing the information they find, keeping a list of "see also" pointers to other documents, checking digital signatures (for the security minded) and building Web pages and question-answering services based on the harvested documents. FOAF files are just text documents (well, Unicode documents).They are written in XML syntax, and adopt the conventions of the Resource Description Framework (RDF).A historical backlog of known technical issues is acknowledged, and available for discussion in the FOAF wiki.

The initial focus of FOAF has been on the description of people, since people are the things that link together most of the other kinds of things we describe in the Web: they make documents, attend meetings, are depicted in photos, and so on.New terms may be added at any time (as with a natural-language dictionary), and consequently this specification is an evolving work.The FOAF RDF namespace, by contrast, is fixed and it's identifier is not expected to change.Future versions may incorporate multilingual translations of the term definitions.The RDF version of the specification is also embedded in the HTML of this document, or available directly from the namespace URI by content negotiation.

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