Quicken not updating bank transactions

You can download and export up to 18 months' worth of Vanguard transaction history into Quicken.

After you download your data, your operating system should automatically recognize the file and import it directly into your Quicken records.

If you are attempting to update Vanguard accounts in Quicken and are getting an error that Vanguard is no longer able to update, you may need to review Quicken for Windows 2014–2016 on how to deactivate and the reactivate your accounts.

Quicken service upgrade instructions: We're upgrading our transaction download service.

Because Quicken treats money market accounts as investments rather than as banking accounts, you will need to download Vanguard money market mutual funds into an investment account.

Quicken does not provide the ability to change a banking account into an investment account.

We recommend creating a new investment account for any Vanguard funds listed in a banking account.

If you've been downloading account information from using the Quicken Web Connect process and you want to switch to Direct Connect in Quicken 2014 or 2016: Return to top Note: Backing out of changes in Quicken can be difficult.

Your downloaded account history includes purchases, redemptions, dividends, and capital gains.

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