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Now if I was to click on tab 2 that contains the same list it will not be updated.So I figure calling the updatepanel on the respected pages to update when switching should pull the correct information for the page.I have a Rad Tab Strip that has to perform some server-side processing where a file streamed into a database and uploaded. When this processing completes I need to set focus on a different tab in the Page Multi Page and that new tab needs to requery the database and refresh its dislayed contents ...in essence a postback to query the database and display current values in a Rad Grid.

i am selecting in code behind of page(which has this usercontrol and many other user controls) using radtabstrip.tabs[smtabindex].selected=true.

Declare the custom Event Handler [old answer based on clicking on the tabs] You can set the Auto Post Back property of the Rad Tab Strip to True to allow the On Tab Click function to fire.

From inside of the On Tab Click function, you can access a public property or function of the User Control and pass data to it, for example, creating a public function to then cause the data to be rebound based on a parameter.

Step 2: Attach a Even handler to the Child Page event in your parent page.

Step 3: Call the Event in your Child Control, so this will trigger the event / handler Step 4: In the Parent page, refresh the Update panel.

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Add(Root Item) Exit Select Case "C" ' add a new child tab Dim Child Tab As New Rad Tab() Dim Parent Tab As Rad Tab = e. The following example demonstrates these techniques. Consider the following tab strip: The Tab Click event handler deletes, disables, and enables tabs dynamically at runtime in the post-back when child tabs are clicked. Owner Is Rad Tab Then Dim parent Tab As Rad Tab = Direct Cast(e.

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