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That's a whole lot of potential blackoutedness (totally a word, right?

) Upton reportedly gave him the green light for his multiple parties, perhaps because she was really looking forward to her own shindig.

The Adam Walsh Act walks a tightrope by detaining for propensity a narrow group of individuals: those in legal custody of the Bureau of Prisons who are deemed 'sexually dangerous.'...

Detaining for propensity a citizen who never should have been in federal custody in the first place is not only inequitable, it is offensive to the most basic tenets of justice." While I agree with Thacker's conclusion, it seems to me the principle she is defending—that "we detain for criminal conduct, not mere propensity"—was sacrificed long ago.

Five years later, in an unrelated case, the Supreme Court ruled that the SORNA provision under which Welsh was convicted did not require a sex offender to notify the state where he used to reside when he moved to another country.

"This principle is so deeply embedded in our understanding of due process that it is indispensable in a free society.

Most couples announce their engagements with a flurry of phone calls to close friends and family and a cutesy post on social media. She decided to just show up at the 2016 Met Gala and wait for the crowd of photographers to announce her news.

She must have known the rock on that all-important finger would be hard to miss. "He asked me right before [baseball] season started so we've been keeping it on the down low for quite a while." Making this big reveal even more unusual: her husband-to-be wasn't even by her side for the special announcement. , Upton explained how hilariously awkward Verlander's proposal was, thanks in large part to her strange internal discourse.

"I really want to go to Mexico and have so much tequila!

WHATSPPShowbiz Reporter Who would have known that his or her partner can be in a position to spy on him or her if she or he holds his or her cellphone for just 30 seconds without his or her knowledge. With every new technological innovation, there is an upside and a downside to it.

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