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What if whoever walks in on you calls you by your first name while knocking or entering?

You’re going to want a clean and clutter-free area with nothing that’ll distract the audience from you.

Make sure the lighting is as good as possible and there’s plenty of room for you to perform.

Learn More: Setting Up Your Camming Room Before you register for any of the sites, you’re going to want to pick out a stage name.

Any modern laptop or PC should be able to run the camming software. If you need to purchase a computer to get started, anything brand new should work perfectly.

Most camming sites will work with both Windows or Mac, but there’s some that require the Windows OS.

It’s also important to note that once you build up a fan-base and some good regular customers, you’ll enjoy better earnings.It’s alright to go by a username, but you’re still going to want a [fake] name to associate to that username.That way people have a name they can refer to you by.Check your camming site’s requirements when registering.More Info: Computer Requirements For Adult Camming A direct internet connection is highly preferred.

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