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JACKSON, Dr John, Philadelphia USA, wrote in 1911 re his uncle John, of Collins Street, Melbourne, who was planning a trip to the USA, but had never arrived. Thinks her parents lived Wolverhampton England before that, and her father wore some kind of uniform. JACKSON, Mrs L., Penzance, Cornwall, wrote in 1912 seeking the widow of George Frederick BURGESS; found. She was taken from her parents and brought to Canada. JACKSON, Minnie, wrote from Woodend, Washington USA in 1899, enclosing copies of a flyer which states she was separated from her parents when about 3 years old and taken from Wolverhampton UK to Canada. Police find he had returned to the UK some years before, but a married daughter was still here. JOHNSTON, Mrs L., Deptford, London England, wrote in 1913, has heard that her husband David, alias James DAY ‘was shot in a drinking saloon in Australia’. She specializes in finding missing heirs, and wants a share of the estate of finalise it. They had three daughters and it was six years since he had sent any money for maintenance.

WOERNER who left there for Melbourne Australia in 1894. JONES, Gertrude Ann or WHITFIELD, sought by brother A.

JEX, Elizabeth and son Frederick, discreet enquiry as to their whereabouts sought by East Suffolk police in 1909; found.

W., wrote from London UK in 1900 re George and Augusta ROBINS who were in Auburn in 1897.

JACOBSON, Solomon William, sought by brother Herman of Chicago in 1895.

Left mother Kate in Liverpool England in 1905 for Melbourne, then ‘got into some trouble’ and imprisoned. Mabel James BRADICK wrote from New York in 1908 seeking information on him.

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JAMES, George Radcliffe, sought by sister Mrs Mabel J.

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