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Great around town vehicle even though it is on the large size, fuel economy, comfort, handling is great, performance is excellent. Except the Adaptive Cruise Control has a random meltdown when passing large trucks in the overtaking lane.

Adaptive cruise is very nice feature & encourages one to use it more then standard cruise control. My only dislike is fuel usage but as we don’t take a lot of long trips it’s great for us. The system detects the presence of the truck as I approach, then I change lanes to pass.

My Touareg is 2015 edition , 40000km on the clock now, no issue at all.

If you don't mind the VW badge (that for me is a plus since it does not attract as much attention). I found this surprising considering this is a very good 3.5 tonne rated towing car and over 2 tonnes you need breakaway brakes that require special wiring. For long distance cruising it is as good as it gets.

I very much appreciated being able to read about other owners’ longer term experiences on this site and intend to provide an update of our experience further down the track.

January 12th 2018 Update: Return trip I turned around and drove this wonderful vehicle back to Brisbane this week.

My wife has lower back and upper leg problems but she found the seats gave her very good support and made the trip quite comfortable; the multitude of electric adjustments to the seat, and the memory, made it very easy for us swapping drivers.

Being brand new, and so heavily laden, we were reasonably pleased with the 10l/100km fuel consumption.

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