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Again - this is not about fairness, justice, merits of the applicants. This is not a place to post/preach religious, spiritual believes unless it gets you the Green Card.

It is about giving US employers the ability to fill posts when & where Americans are not available or willing. If many Indians visit this forum, it does not become hosting agent for your thoughts.

There is another thread in this section that somebody posted that has the answers.

You can take the Fp and request re-scheduling for your family giving the travel iternary copy and date(s) when they would be available Thank You Krishna.

He was eligible for EB2 but his only mistake was to not force the company to file a EB2 case or even worse his lawyer makes a mistake and files under Eb3 even though the job he was in and he are qualified as Eb2.

The company wants to make amends now by filing a EB2 case and first MS guy (sweatshop guy) wants him to start again and wait for another decade.

turk sub A tight-knit group of New York City street dancers,find themselves pitted against the world's best hip hop dancers in a high-stakes showdown. Chu Writers: Amy Andelson, Emily Meyer Stars: Sharni Vinson, Rick Malambri and Adam G.

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studied, got a job and then after several years this big company filled his green card in EB2 category in 2006.

On the other hand after strugling for several years Mr.

The kicker : The sweat shop labor guy works in the same company as contractor and reports to the second guy and in the same reporting chain, just two levels below him.

How about another story : Both guys go to the same engg school back home.

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2000 - 2007 Average 33,000 EB2 / year 83,000 EB3 / year There are simply too many EB3 cases compared to the visas available.

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