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(1) But the year-round school movement also has a long history of failure. Despite the expensive hoopla and a walkabout to distribute frreebies to poor children on two of the blocks surrounding Piccolo, by the beginning of August CPS officials were desperately trying to convince parents and children that school was actually beginning on August 10 for 80,000 children in the year-round schools. By the turn of the century, it was being embraced as an answer for many of the same problems that plague schools today: overcrowding, funding shortages and improving the education process.

Many postwar families fled the cities to the suburbs in search of a better environment to raise their children . The Valley View School District, which includes Romeoville and Bolingbrook, was the first in the country to respond to booming enrollments by placing the entire school district on a rotating school calendar. The demand for more skilled workers to run industrial equipment made it increasingly more difficult to rely on unskilled laborers to fill in for workers who wanted to take vacations when their children were off in the summer.

(11) "By 1980, I had given up on our society changing as I had expected and recommended the research-demonstration model of the flexible all-year school we had developed at Clarion be closed. Other events had also rekindled Mc Lain's involvement in the all-year school movement from which he had backed away to such an extent that he didn't attend NAYRE annual meetings for a decade.

A minority chairperson on the Pennsylvania Senate Education Committee, who had introduced a bill to lengthen the school year from 180 to 200 days, asked Mc Lain to appear on television with her to discuss ideas he had previously presented to a Senate Education committee in 1971 about the need for all-year schools.

Between 1977-79, the number of year-round programs dropped from a peak of 28 states with at least one year-round school to just 17, according to a reference directory published by what was then the National Council on Year-Round Education, the forerunner organization of the National Association For Year-Round Education.

Even California, which led the nation in the number of districts that experimented in year-round school from 1970 to 1980 (about 62 school districts), saw year-round numbers drop by a third, to just 40 districts.

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