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I have also read about this theory in other articles and books. We need to stop over anylizing how he/she thinks and just enjoy the moment and have some communication without the 3 day grace period. I think this is probably more simple than the book you read makes it out to be.

Men that have "connected closely" (that's a good one) with a woman in the past and have moved on simply know where they can get some (connection) when they need it.

We start out as people attracted to one another and subtly negotiate how often we'll talk, get together, in person.

Not everyone can get it, however, and we don't roll over and die because we are alone. It is frustrating for both becauseone distances, the other chases, then the first has to distance even farther, which is more work for him/her, and the needier partner has to chase again, and this goes on and on and on, and it's exhausting, frankly, psychologically. This is the gift worth giving and is so appreciated that it truly buys love and gratitude from a psychological-space- craving partner.Relationships aren't games, however, and there is no need to play games with people. Rubberband theory is discussed in books ( for one) and on blogs, but is much older than we are, for I learned it at the Center for Family Studies/Family Institute of Chicago a decade before John Gray's publication made all the noise, and we're grateful that he did, by the way. The theory here, the one that I learned, is that(a) people need people, most of us do(b) we also need individual space, uninterrupted psychological space in which to think, to live our lives; time to be creative, to work and to relax, all by ourselves(c) most relationships start somehow and succeed when the needs of two people for psychological space match.Intimacy can be fun, but frankly, it is psychological work. This often explains why parents tend to suffocate teenagers when they breathe within close proximity.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. I dont know a damn thing about starts, WAKE UP BRAINYes, it should be this way.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... you shouldn't be running off to think about how you feel. Don't mess with someone else's heart because you're unsure of what you want.^^^LOLWhat if you were still deciding, and in your deciding, you thought..."Hey SELF!!! maybe if I dont call her for a bit, then just make it a friendly thing she will have forgotten all about me knowing astronmy... It makes sense that people should know what they want up front.

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